Wednesday, 02. January 2019, Chiro Nash, 10 Day Reset: Rest and Digest

As much as we resist it, we humans are built for rhythms of living. Our ancestors knew this. Entire civilizations before the industrial age followed the cycles of nature; each season bringing a new time of work, harvest, and rest. There's a reason we store up, nest, and feel drawn to nourish ourselves in winter. Our biologically hard-wired instincts follow nature's lead.Our modern schedules, however, are driven not by the light of the sun but the light of glowing rectangles; screens all around us constantly telling us what to do and when do to it. This January, we're inviting you to join us for a 10 Day Reset we’re calling Rest and Digest. In a world where busy-ness and hustle are celebrated, this is a radical invitation to do precisely what your body is built to do this season: nourish, rest, and care. 

NUTRITION: Rather than starting the year with a rigid elimination diet, we'll listen to and honor the needs of our bodies in this season. You will receive information and direction to create healthy eating habits using fresh, wholesome, seasonal foods that your body will naturally crave this time of year. We will also provide you with MaxLiving Plant or Whey protein powder, to start your day with a nutritious breakfast smoothie!

DETOX: Digital and digestive. For your digital detox, establish daily screen-less hours. During this time, you're encouraged to read a book, take a walk, write a letter, cook a meal... anything you like… without any screens. Give your brain a rest from constant digital chatter and allow yourself to feel curiosity, creativity, or simply stillness. You'll also receive the MaxLiving Probiotic + D3 supplement to help your digestive system do its work and clean your pipes! We'll talk more about detox when you register.

FITNESS: We know this time of year you're probably hearing a lot about hitting the gym hard. For Rest and Digest, we're inviting you to take a more subtle approach. For 15 minutes each day, get your heart rate up! This can be a walk outside (a brisk 15 minute walk = about a mile), it can be 15 minutes of Max T3 in your living room (Remember that bookmark from your home care kit? Those are workouts!), it could be something you make up on your own. The point is to break a sweat for 15 minutes a day, for 10 days.

MINDFUL QUIET: One of the best ways to find balance is to stop moving, take a seat, and breathe deeply. There's a reason we tell children to take 10 deep breaths when a tantrum is coming. Guess what? That hack still works! For the 10 Day Reset, you will receive daily 10 minute guided meditations in your email inbox. You'll be amazed at what starting your day with this time will do for your mood throughout the rest of your day.

SPINE HEALTH: We are a chiropractic clinic, after all! For 10 days, we're re-focusing on home care. Let’s get back to the basics: How can you work the most important elements of your home care into the routines you already keep? Where is your wobble cushion? Bring it out to the living room and wobble, baby, wobble.
Your $89 registration includes all of the products mentioned above as well as access to 2 Thursday night gentle yoga + mindfulness classes with Daryn (more on that, later…), daily emails with meditations and encouragement, nutrition and detox guidance, and support from a private Facebook group for participants. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let Daryn know.
Register by December 21.

10 Day Reset: Rest and Digest

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